October 2017 

   YOOOOOO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Cosmic Atomic is out now ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  Alot has gone into this 5 track EP. Im very proud of it and I think ive reached a new level in bringing my visions to life. From start to finish, making this has been a very enlightening process, I have really learned alot ! ! Working on the B1 live set is taking over, and giving these tracks a very playable and new dimension is so much fun.. And its giving me so many ideas for writing new music.. oh why cant I just chill and not think about making music! Its guna be a productive winter, I can feel it ! Check out some of the new animations on my front page and GRAB A DOWNLOAD of the new EP ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @ b1org.bandcamp.com


August 2017

  Gearing up for the Eclipse baby! Headed up soon, and couldnt be a better time - The music for the new EP is 90% done and I just came up with a fresh batch of preview videos to share with everyone. 


 Stay in touch vie social media for news as it gets closer !


- B



June 2017

  Yo ! Its officially summer. I want to thank everyone for the continued support, Split Screen Dreaming is getting out there and It always surprises me to hear people talk about it. Ive been in cave mode since coming back from tour with Moldover, and have created a very funky fresh batch of tunes I will be releasing soon.

 In the meantime Im planning for an end of summer/fall tour, and am getting my music featured in some movies and video games !


 Speaking of VIDEOOOO, check out the awesome, first ever music video for the track Tipping Point below  :D  ! ! ! ! 




- B



March 2017

  TOUR LIFE ! At the moment, Moldover and I have been through 10 states and are wrapping up our massive Four Track tour here on the west coast. I have been genuinely blown away by everyones kindness and generosity.. from Texas to Colorado to Washington and everywhere in between, we have experienced so many amazing people, and have seen some incredible things!


 Stay tuned for my tour news !


- B


Feb 2017








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    - B